Horyou Village

Every year, Horyou brings social good to the forefront of the Cannes Film Festival with Horyou Village. Arts, culture and diversity join forces at the heart of the world’s most prestigious cinematic event. A global community of individuals, organizations and personalities meet and interact to make a difference through positive actions.

Horyou Village hosts an interview stage for key influencers, non-profit organizations and social good promoters from around the world, as well as a screening room for Horyou TV documentaries and other socially oriented movies.
At Horyou Village, organizations on the Horyou platform are provided with dedicated spaces to showcase their work and meet attendees. Non-profits, social innovators and personalities from around world share their knowledge and experiences, highlighting their contributions to social good in a wide range of fields and disciplines.

Global Cause Days, committed to raising awareness and promoting solidarity among those devoted to featured causes, are a central initiative at Horyou Village. At the 2014 inaugural edition of the event, they were Nature and Wildlife, Women Empowerment, Education for All, Innovation for Good and All for Climate.

Music plays a key role at Horyou Village, with concerts each night featuring different artists.

To see the complete lineup of performers and concerts from the 2014 edition, visit the Horyou Village Livestream page.

Horyou partners with a host of international media outlets, including news organizations, television stations, bloggers and philanthropic institutions, to lend global exposure to this unique initiative.

By organizing this event, Horyou seeks to transform online interaction into concrete actions in the offline world, fostering meaningful exchanges and ideas that engage people to promote social good at all levels, especially through the arts.