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The Horyou Foundation is a non-profit institution.

Founded in Geneva in January 2014, the Horyou Foundation promotes and advances causes for social good. It will support hundreds of national and international non-profit Organizations on the Horyou platform –

“The Foundation provides support ​​primarily to organizations involved in humanitarian efforts, aid to science, protection of the environment, promotion of education and support of the arts. The Foundation’s goal is to embrace concrete actions and causes in harmony with the fields listed above anywhere in the world.
The Horyou Foundation’s collected funds are redistributed directly or indirectly in the form of participation in, or contribution to, individual and group projects. Additionally, the Foundation is planning scholarships and funding to scientists and inventors, as well as any endeavor dedicated to improving lives and living conditions. It will also intervene, whenever necessary, anywhere in the world to support or coordinate actions and causes that support the greater good.

The Horyou Foundation believes in active solidarity as a major factor of change for the better, and in making the world a more humane and fairer place.

• Promote positivity, progress, meaningful ideas and effective projects
• Support actions of value to the community and the world
• Provide help in turning dreams of a better world into reality”